Gulf of Mexico

Operating in international waters, off both the Texas and Louisiana coastlines, this service has become invaluable to the tanker fleets that operate in this area, enabling them to avoid costly deviations and port calls to other bunker locations. Chemoil started this service in 2007 and since then it has been widely acclaimed for both its efficiency and safety.

Tariffs :

All Prices on Delivered basis

Delivery Locations - please inquire for deviations from our standard delivery locations.

Offshore Galveston 28-40 N 094-40 W
South Sabine Point 28-40 N 093-30 W
Off South West Pass 28-23 N 090-36 W
Offshore LOOP 28-47 N 090-00 W
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Although final rendezvous position is coordinated locally between Master of bunker tanker and Master of receiving vessel, the below positions are our most common delivery locations. We are not limited to these locations, and so please check for each inquiry.

Delivery can take place in the following areas:

Area Latitude Longitude

Note: For single-hull tankers, STS transfers are permitted only in the designated lightering zones.

Bunkers are delivered approximately 10nm South of LOOP, outside the LOOP Safety Zone. Position: LAT:28-47N / LONG: 089-56W
Yes. Mooring Master is always on board to assist in all STS operations. We employ Marine Business Exchange (formerly NauTech Marine Consultants).
Currently, we offer High Sulphur 3.5% and MGO DMA 0.1%.
200mt HS RMG, 200mt LS RMG
The minimum receiving vessel LOA needs to be greater than that of the supply vessel. Songa Pearl LOA 144m or Miss Claudia LOA 176m.
Yes. Songa Pearl and Miss Claudia have three and four floating Yokohama-type primary fenders, respectively. Additionally, both supply vessels have two Yokohama-type pneumatic "baby" fenders hanging over the sides near the bow and stern.
Both vessels are rated for up to 750mt/hr. However, we most commonly experience delivery rates of 400-500mt/hr due to the back-pressure and request from receiving vessels.
Bunker manifold is located amidships on both supply ships(Songa Pearl/Miss Claudia). Also, Miss Claudia has a stern manifold fitted.
Miss Claudia:
  • 8” x 50 feet = 6 pcs
  • 6” x 50 feet = 13 pcs
  • 4” x 5- feet = 2 pcs
Songa Pearl:
  • 8” x 50 feet = 10 pcs
  • 6” x 50 feet = 7 pcs
  • 4” x 50 feet = 2 pcs
Miss Claudia:
  • 8” x 6” = 2 pcs
  • 6” x 4” = 2pcs
  • 6” x 5” = 1 pc
  • 4” x 3” = 1pc
Songa Pearl:
  • 16” x 8” = 1 pc
  • 16” x 6” = 1 pc
  • 8” x 6” = 1pc
  • 6” x 5” = 1pc
  • 4” x 3” = 1pc
Normal mooring configuration is as follows: Forward - 4 headlines + 2 springs. Aft - 3 stern lines + 2 springs. However this configuration can be changed by the Mooring Master, depending on the prevalent weather conditions. Our supply vessels normally do not take any lines from the receiving vessel.
Operations may be carried out either at anchor or while underway. Decision is based on various factors, including, but not limited to:
  1. Existing weather conditions and weather reports/forecast (wind speed, wave height, swell height and period)
  2. Traffic in the vicinity of STS area
  3. Direction /speed of wind and currents
  4. Available sea room
  5. Size of vessel to receive bunkers
  6. Location of oil platforms
  7. Topography of the seabed
  8. STS experience of both vessels
Yes. Marpol approved drip sampler is installed.
VLCC's carry out their STS lightering operations on their starboard side. Therefore, to avoid interfering with the lightering operations, we have our fenders rigged on our starboard side in order to go alongside a VLCC's port side.
Yes. However, since safety is always a primary concern, night time deliveries will be conducted only when weather conditions permit. This judgment is in the sole discretion of the Bunker Tanker Captain in consultation with the Mooring Master.
The bunker delivery tankers are on time charter, and so the vessel's owners require a recent Q88 (normally no older than 30 days) to approve STS operation.
No. Our team will coordinate directly with the vessel's Master. We obtain vessel contact details from the vessel's Q88, which our customer must provide if not readily accessible on the internet. If an agent has been appointed, we encourage all parties be aligned to achieve timely bunker delivery.

Effective January 1, 2016
Contracting entity for all bunker marine fuels supplied in the US shall be Glencore Ltd. with Glencore Ltd General Terms and Conditions to apply


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